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Most people only dream of owning a winery and living the winery lifestyle. Here at Trevi Hills that dream can become reality. You can own your own vineyard, enjoy the benefits of an operating winery, and take advantage of our skilled team to turn your grapes into wine.

Learn how to care for grapevines, produce top quality grapes, and harvest, crush and barrel - or just sit back, relax, and let us do it for you.

If you decide a vineyard is for you, our Trevi Hills Winery staff has designed a program just for Trevi Hills homeowners to create and manage your own personal vineyard, from planting to bottling. There are three parts to the program:

Members of the Trevi Hills Vineyard Cooperative work with our professional vineyard team to plan a comprehensive planting plan. The first step is to review the site and create a vine planting and irrigation plan. Together, we discuss the soil characteristics of your property after a detailed lab analysis. At this point, we pick the right rootstock for the varietal that best fit the plan and soil conditions. Soil preparation, grading, and installing a trellis system is the next step in the planting process. Now that the vineyard is completely laid out, an irrigation system is designed and installed. Your vineyard is now ready for planting with your chosen rootstock.

  • Site Survey. Review the site together to talk about the overall process, design and requirements for the vineyard.

  • Vineyard Layout. Create a vine planting and irrigation plan.

  • Soil Analysis. Gather soil surveys and send samples to the lab to understand the soils characteristics of your property.

  • Varietals. We will give you options of the best varietals and clones for your soil conditions and help you select the right rootstock to plant.  We do require that your grapes match one of the varietals that we produce in our vineyards.

  • Land Preparation. Grade areas to prepare ground for planting – taking into consideration sun, wind and erosion control.  Prep the soils as indicated by the lab analysis.

  • Trellis System Design and Install. Design and install trellis systems for optimal quality, performance and durability.

  • Irrigation System Design and Install. Based on layout of the vineyard, we will design an irrigation system that will handle the flows, pressures and needs of each vine. A filter, backflow device, block valves, pressure regulators and pressure compensating emitters will be used for uniform and efficient water distribution.

  • Planting. Once the vineyard site is prepped and you’ve chosen your varietal, we will plant the vines.

Proper Pruning is an essential part of vineyard maintenance. Annual and seasonal pruning will be explained and professionally executed. Irrigation is carefully controlled, especially just before harvest. Nutrition in the form of the correct fertilizers are applied after taking soil and plant samples to the lab for analysis. We maintain a constant watch and instant response to pests and rodents by utilizing fencing and sprays. Keeping the vines free of ground weeds and birds is part of our program.

  • Annual Pruning.  At the end of the dormant season, the prior year’s bearing vines must be pruned back.

  • Seasonal Pruning.  As the new bearing vines begin to emerge, the most promising buds must be identified and the other buds removed to encourage only the most robust growth.  As the leaf canopy grows it must be thinned to assure that the energy of the plant goes towards the grapes themselves.

  • Irrigation.  It is important to control the amount of water to assure healthy growth.  Late in the season, just before harvest, it is important to starve the vines just the right amount – but not too much – for optimum sugar content.

  • Fertilizer.  We constantly monitor the vines to assure they are receiving the nutrition needed to grow the most robust grapes.  This includes taking plant and soil samples for laboratory analysis.

  • Pest Control.  Grape vines are susceptible to multiple pests and diseases.  We constantly watch for signs of infestation and spray – both pre-emptively and reactively – as indicated.

  • Weeding.  We keep the vineyard grounds free of weeds.  In fenced vineyards we control for rodents.

  • Bird Netting.  As the grapes mature and turn color, they attract birds.  We protect the grapes by wrapping bird netting over the vines; and removing it prior to harvest. 

The most exciting part of owning a vineyard is harvest time.  Our expert Winery staff led by winemaker Renato Sais and sommelier Michael Larranaga will turn your grapes into wine.  This most important task is picking the grapes at precisely the correct time. This is a fun day, and we encourage all to participate. Then the grapes are destemmed and crushed at the winery. The resulting juice is fermented in large vats for several weeks. During fermentation yeasts and other additives are introduced to create just the right flavor. At the moment of optimum alcohol content, the juice is funneled into oak barrels to be stored in our temperature controlled barrel room at the winery for aging. After the wine has achieved the subtle flavors required by our team, the wine is bottled and labeled with your own personal label. Now you can proudly serve your own vintage at home. In addition, we warehouse and store wine for members. So bring friends up to the Wine Clubhouse, and we will serve your wine to you and your guests.


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Mike Larranaga
Member French Court of Sommeliers
For more information please contact Mike Larranaga, Winery Manager at
michael@trevihills.com or 248-302-1567. 
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