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About Us

Trevi Hills is a project of the Pacifica Companies. Pacifica Companies is a multi-national real estate and development company headquartered in San Diego, California.  Founded in 1978 by Ash Israni, Pacifica Companies has investments in 38 states and three countries, including hotels, senior housing, land and residential development.  Still very involved in all aspects of the Companies' operations, Ash has a very personal interest in Trevi Hills and has committed himself to creating a one of a kind community that he can visit with pride.

Michael Larrañaga, Director of Winery Operations at Trevi Hills
Michael Larrañaga
Director of Winery Operations

Michael started his career in the wine and hospitality industry over 30 years ago here in San Diego. As a Certified Sommelier with the French Court of Sommeliers, he has trained in the vineyards of Italy and Northern California. He has spent the last fifteen years creating unique operating concepts for some of the most eclectic restaurants and wine lists in Michigan, Chicago and New York.


What is Trevi Hills? 

Trevi Hills is an 800 acre gated residential community and winery located just east of the City of San Diego in rural Lakeside.


How many homes will there be in Trevi Hills? 

At build out there will be 250 homes.

How big are the house lots? 

Lot sizes range from just under an acre to over 2.5 acres.  The average size is about 1.1 acres.


Are there utilities to all the lots? 

Yes.  Each lot is serviced by public water and a private sewer system.  Power and gas are provided by SDGE; telephone and CATV by AT&T.

Is there a homeowners association? 

Yes.  Each homeowner becomes a member of the Trevi Hills Homeowners Association.   The Association is responsible for maintaining the common property – such as the entry gate and landscaping, the trails, the roads and the sewer system.  The Association also conducts brush clearing, and habitat and stormwater management activities.   


Has Trevi Hills been approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate?  Yes, the first phase has been issued a Final Public Report.  However, we have recently submitted an amendment to the Public Report, so a revised Public Report will be forthcoming shortly.  The current offering is offered subject to a Preliminary Public Report.  The Public Report and Preliminary Public Report are available from your sales representative.

How long does it take to get to San Diego? 

The airport is 35 minutes from the front gate.  Qualcomm Stadium only about 20 minutes.  Shopping in Santee or El Cajon is less than 15 minutes.

Tell me about the vineyards. 

So far Trevi Hills Winery has planted approximately four acres of grapes.  The vines started producing grapes in 2014, and two harvests have occurred.


What kind of grapes are growing? 

We are growing Brunello, Primativo (Zinfandel) and Syrah – all red wines; and Sauvignon Blanc.


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